Prevent Hair Loss With These Natural Tips

Are you finding more hair on your comb than your head? Then it is time for you to understand that you are suffering from abnormal hair fall and need to do something about it. Losing a few strands of hair everyday is normal but when the volume of this increases, you should start to think of ways by which you can prevent hair loss.

Most often, hair fall is a direct result of a bad diet and lifestyle. But there are also other factors like hormonal imbalances, medical conditions or genetic factors. It is best to consult a doctor if you think you are suffering from the latter reasons but for the former, natural methods are the best to prevent hair loss. Changes in your diet pattern and lifestyle can prove highly beneficial in combating hair fall problem

Cut down on the use of hair dryers, harsh chemicals like coloring and streaking agents or treatments like straightening or perming as these can all lead to dryness resulting in hair breakage. Also remember not to tie your hair too tightly like braids, ponytails or buns on a regular basis. Take a balanced diet with lots of protein like lentils, eggs, soya, almonds, fish, bean sprouts and yoghurt to prevent hair loss.

Calcium should be another important component of your diet to prevent hair loss. Hence consume milk and other dairy products like low fat cheese on a regular basis. Never compromise on a good sleep; seven to eight hours of sleep is extremely necessary to have a fit body and mind and thus good hair growth. Choose hair care products wisely after reading the ingredients; make sure they are mild for your hair and will not rob it of moisture as dryness can lead to abnormal hair fall.

Incorporating these tips in your daily lifestyle can help you immensely to prevent hair loss and gain your beautiful locks back.