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Dubai Dentistry: Second to None

Good health is essential, no matter where you are or what you do for a living day to day. If you are working in the modern city of Dubai and find yourself in need of dental services, you will find highly qualified dentists offering the latest in procedures, along with the traditional services you have come to expect.

Dubai has grown significantly in the past four decades, growth that was generated by oil and trade revenues. Immigrants have helped swell the population of a city that is also a travel destination for thousands every year. Whether you are a permanent resident or a visitor from another nation, you will always be able to access the finest in dental care.

World-Class Specialists

Specialists from Britain, Spain, France, Finland, Poland, Canada and Russia provide services in their chosen field, always adhering to strict sterilization standards, to ensure you can visit with confidence. The list of available procedures includes:

  • Teeth whitening using only natural ingredients and products that are preservative free
  • Root canal therapy that can be a safe and efficient way to alleviate pain
  • Ceramic restorations and procedures that employ the latest computer technologies for outstanding results
  • Dental implants performed by a team of specialists
  • Surgical procedures that rely on extensive experience in the field

In addition, leading clinics offer all the traditional dental hygiene services, including scheduled check-ups, cleaning, plaque removal and more. All these procedures are tailored to your schedule, thanks to the use of a flexible appointment system. Many patients who visit one of the new dental clinics in Dubai find that the equipment, procedures and level of customer service are unlike any they have grown accustomed to elsewhere.

Dental Health: Some Things to Consider

If you need basic attention, such as cleaning and plaque removal, dental professionals will talk with you about a daily regimen of brushing and flossing that will go a long way toward preventing additional problems. The goal is elimination of the conditions that lead to tooth loss and gum disease. These traditional, necessary services are but a few of the many procedures being provided.

With high-quality, state-of-the-art equipment, world-class training and unmatched customer care, a dentist in Dubai will also offer cosmetic and restorative expertise equal to that available anywhere else in the world. For example, a limited number of clinics in Dubai are able to provide the CERECĀ® system that features single-visit restorations and unmatched aesthetics. CERECĀ® (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) allows dentists to produce and insert ceramic restorations in the clinic, in one visit. There is no need to schedule several future appointments.

Believe it or not, the special treatment does not end with this high-level dental service. When you visit a Dubai dentist at some clinics, you also find top-shelf, complementary coffee and tea, aromatherapy, movies and TV favorites, and music choices, all meant to further enhance the patient experience.

This level of service has allowed Dubai dentistry to experience healthy growth, on a foundation of reviews and testimonials from patients who are more than satisfied.


The Best Health and Beauty Tips For Anti Aging

New products are cropping up every month and they are better than ever. There are also many things you can do to retain that youthful glow. Here you will find the best health & beauty tips for anti-aging. Not only will you become more familiar with the best products, but you will learn the lifestyle tips that will keep you looking young well after most of your peers have succumbed to the effects of Father Time.

You Are What You Eat

The food that goes into your body provides the building blocks for life. Your body is uniquely designed to heal itself. However, if you deprive it of essential nutrients and antioxidants, the system breaks down and disease is the result. There’s just no substitute for a good diet. Focus on quality low fat proteins, whole grains, dairy, fruits and vegetables and healthy fats. Foods that are particularly known for anti-aging properties include blueberries, fish, yogurt, red wine. dark chocolate and nuts. A balanced diet is absolutely necessary for glowing skin and long life. This is probably the most important of the health & beauty tips for anti-aging. Also, make sure that you are drinking enough water. Skin and tissues that are hydrated function better and regenerate more easily.

Get Rid of Bad Habits

If have ever spent any time around a smoker, you’ve likely seen the devastating effects that this bad habit can have on health and appearance. People who smoke or drink excessively suffer from wrinkles at a much higher rate than an average population of non smokers. In addition to succumbing to serious diseases like cancer, they also have more colds and allergies. None of these things are particularly attractive to look at. If you smoke, quit. Lack of exercise can also be a bad habit that ages you faster than necessary. Get that body moving if you want to stay young!

Don’t Overspend on Skin Care

When it comes to wrinkle reducing creams, the offerings are better than ever. The medical advances have started to trickle down to over the counter products, making them more available to you. Things like antioxidants, vitamins and CoQ10 are infused in facial creams that promise miracles. The problem with this is that every product claims to be better than the competitors. How do you know what to really use? Are expensive creams worth it? In a recent consumer reports study, testers actually reported the best results from readily available drug store creams. These outperformed many designer creams that were more than triple the price. Also, no matter what the cream claims, there is no miracle facial product. You can get results, but no bottle can make up for bad lifestyle choices.

Attitude Counts

Surprisingly, this health and beauty tip for anti-aging is one of the most important. Your attitude determines a lot of things when it comes to your body and its ability to function well. Studies have shown that excessive stress leads to disease and immune suppression. People with good attitudes have better health and look younger. Everyone has trials in their life, but those who can find the silver lining have a much higher chance of looking youthful as they age.