Basic Skin Care Tips For Men

Men’s skin can be more susceptible to damage that women simply because it is exposed to a different range of climatic conditions. Apart from office workers, the vast majority of men work outside where the sun, wind, ocean and humidity can cause skin cell damage. Or they work in factories where their skin is often exposed to dust, dirt, chemicals and additives that are equally harmful.

A construction worker in the dry desert is exposed to the sun, strong winds and chilly cold conditions. Farm workers are exposed to similar conditions but often have to deal with humid environments too. Humidity and hot weather are one of the main reasons that men’s skin can become oily, while those exposed to cold weather often suffer dry skin that can easily become cracked and painful.

Although the office may appear to be a better environment to lessen the harsh environmental effects on the skin, many businessmen suffer from dry, cracking skin because of the use of air-conditioners in both summer and winter. For most men, none of this is usually a problem when they are young. In fact, men take a lot of pride in feeling resilient to any sort of damage to their skin.

But the effects become more apparent in later life, when men’s ages poorly compared to women. Men are renowned for having dry, lined and leathery skin as they enter old age. Yet by practicing the following basic skin care tips, every man can keep their skin healthy, smooth and less wrinkled even as they get older.

Change your aftershave
Most aftershaves contain alcohol as their base and this creates the “sting” when they are applied after shaving. Alcohol also removes the natural oil from you epidermis, which will make it dry. Although shaving actually removes the dead epidermis from your face, applying an alcohol-based aftershave can dry it out and make it susceptible to weathering. It is better wise to use a herbal moisturizer instead. The essential oils that are lost when you shave are then replaced by the moisturizing effects of the natural oil.

Keep your skin clean
By showering regularly, you will remove dirt in your body that can clog up your pores. For men with oily skin, a warm shower is recommended, while those suffering from dry skin should use tepid or colder water. Try to avoid rubbing your body with a rough towel. Instead, simply use a soft towel to pat your body dry and then moisturize your body with a PH balanced lotion.

Do not use soap on your face
Most commercially manufactured soap contains chemical ingredients that are not good for your skin. Although they may smell nice, the skin of your face is extremely sensitive and easily damaged. Try using a facial cleanser and you will notice that the skin on your face will be smoother and clearer even after just a few days. When cleaning your face, also massage it by using your fingertips or soft cotton in an upward motion. This stimulates the flow of blood in your facial blood vessels and will help keep it looking younger and healthier.

Eat a balanced diet
Fruits and vegetables are good for the skin as they provide essential vitamins A and D. Consistently include fiber foods like flaxseed, rice and oatmeal in your diet. Dried fruits like dates, figs and prunes are good snacks for healthy skin. By drinking a lot of water, you will also hydrate the dermis and epidermis in your skin. Your should also take fish oil dietary supplements rich in omega 3 to ensure that the essential nutrients your skin needs are maintained.